We’ve Moved!

Construction workers work on the entrance to a Collegiate Gothic building.

Workers put the finishing touches on the Honors College entrance to Ozark Hall.

If you walk past Old Main towards Dickson Street, you’ll see that a grand, limestone-clad building has emerged from a two-year cocoon of wire fencing, caution tape and piles of uprooted dirt. Historic Ozark Hall has been restored to its 1940s glory and graced with a 21,000-square-foot addition that provides a beautiful, permanent home for the Honors College. Continue reading

Moving into Hotz and Wondering Where You’re Going to Stow All of Your Stuff?

Thanks to Kelly Carter, our Fellowship Financial Manager, we’ve got answers for you.  Some of our Honors College staff toured Hotz Honors Hall on July 1, and are happy to report that it’s looking great, with lots of storage for freshman honors students with lots of stuff. Kelly snapped some photos for you:


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The bunk bed includes a desk below.

The (Approximately) 370,000-Pound Puzzle


Workers are installing stone on the south side of Ozark Hall’s new wing, which will house the Honors College starting this fall.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle 53 feet high by 109 feet wide by 4 inches deep, with puzzle pieces that weigh, on average, 140 pounds. That is what confronts master mason Mark Johnson and his crew as they work to install the random ashlar masonry on the south face of Ozark Hall. Continue reading

Hotz Hall: Bathroom Floor Plans

The sink room features four sinks and mirrors.

The spa-style bathrooms in Hotz Hall have been reconfigured with multiple shower facilities to ensure greater privacy.

Wondering about the spa-style bathrooms in Hotz Hall, the new freshmen honors quarters?  So were we, and the news is good.

There are two restroom areas on each of the upper floors in Hotz, and architects have taken care to ensure privacy for residents. For each of the restroom areas, there will be two full private baths located on one side of the hall. On the opposite side, private bathrooms and water closets open into a shared sink room. All rooms are separated by full-height walls and solid wood doors to ensure privacy.

The floor plans below show the layout:

Plan shows a restaurant area with two full private baths on one side of hall, and a sickroom with adjacent private showers, bathrooms and water closets.

Floor plan of typical restroom area. There will be two restroom areas on all of the upper floors of Hotz Hall.

Floor plan shows two restroom cores, 2 RA rooms, 24 double rooms, two lobby areas and two "flex" spaces.

A typical upper floor plan in Hotz Hall.


Ozark Hall Site Tour, 9/13/12


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Justin Couch, far right, project manager, leads Honors College staff members (l-r) Kendall Curlee, Michael Zachary, Kelly Carter and Nina Simmons on a hard hat tour of Ozark Hall.

Last week, several Honors College staff members and a photography intern ducked behind temporary fencing and donned hard hats for a tour of the Ozark Hall construction site led by Justin Couch, project manager for the general contractor VCC, LLC. Continue reading

Re-group, Re-Use, Re-Model: A Fresh Take for the Honors College Community

Architect's rendering of Hotz lobby, with sofa and chairs grouped around fireplace.

Students can relax beside the fireplace in the freshly renovated and updated Hotz Hall, which will house 400 first-year honors students beginning in fall 2013.

Pomfret Honors Quarters has long contributed to the thriving intellectual presence of the Honors College on campus. The dormitory is famous for its fresh-baked cookies, friendly RAs and vibrant social scene but has remained relatively unchanged since it was constructed in 1968. Beginning next fall, Honors College students can look forward to some exciting brick-and-mortar improvements to both Hotz and Ozark Halls that will make life in the honors community even more enjoyable, fostering community 24/7. Continue reading

Ozark Hall Update: June 2012

Take a walk by the Ozark Hall construction site and you can see that real progress is being made. On the new Honors College wing on the south side of the site, the slab has been poured for the basement-level auditorium, and the walls are up. Peer through one of the window openings, and you can see the metal framework for auditorium seating where generations of students will be taking notes and listening to lectures. Continue reading

Ozark Hall Groundbreaking

On August 30, 2011, more than 100 University of Arkansas students, faculty and friends gathered to break ground on the renovation and expansion of historic Ozark Hall. Kikko Haydar, a sophomore kinesiology major, Bodenhamer Fellow, and member of the Razorback Men’s basketball team, spoke on behalf of the Honors College. Check out the video below to hear Kikko share and explain the Arabic proverb “Zara’uu fa akalna wa nazra’u fa ya’kuluun.”

KUAF 91.3 Public Radio was there to cover the event. Iti Agnihotri Mudholkar reports for Ozarks at Large.